Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Telling a story

I love to tell stories to my kids, but it is more difficult to tell a story on this blog or in my Etsy shop in a language that is not my mother tongue. For some reason I always have the feeling that my brain is so much less creative when I start to think in another language than French.

So let's make a try! :) This morning I published a new item in my Etsy shop. I prepared the listing yesterday, and decided to change it after I read Nicolas' post on The AGteam blog. He is so right! Stories are so fun to read and will give an item a life and a soul!
The item is a little bandana bib made with an organic fabric that I absolutely had to use. In general I try to avoid anything related to movies, comics or books. But this fabric is a special one, it represents Truffula trees from the Dr Seuss' Lorax book. 

Truffula Tree Bib in Red

This book tells the story of a man, the "Once-ler" who brings a tree species to extinction and destroys a beautiful area while making himself go from the heights of success to solitude and sadness. It is an old book but it is beautifully written and drawn, and unfortunately more to the point than ever. We read it very often to our kids and it has become one of their favorite. Hopefully they will be some day belong to those who will care for the Earth. ;)

And if you want to read another story, please pay a visit to Viktoria's blog.


Viktoria said...

I don´t know this book, but the description touches me, and I can imagine it is important to tell these stories!
btw..I love the way it is photographed!

Nicolas Hall said...

J'AIME cette histoire! Merveilleux!

And yes, the images are beautiful as well. Stories as well as images reflect the artist in us as well. :)

Thank you for adding your view on the theme. :)


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